Publishers of Where There Is No Doctor launch “Digital Commons

Hesperian Health Guides, publisher of the landmark book Where There Is No Doctor, is launching a new suite of digital tools designed especially for community health workers and trainers. The Hesperian Digital Commons provides free access to life-saving health information in 26 languages, (including Lao) and empowers communities to become producers of health materials that meet their needs rather than consumers of one-size-fits-all content.

Responding to and leveraging the explosion of digital technology – particularly mobile phone technology – even in the world’s most remote areas, the Digital Commons features an interactive Safe Pregnancy and Birth iPhone app in Hesperian’s friendly, accessible style, along with a HealthWiki well-suited for slow or intermittent internet connections. And, after decades of hearing stories of health workers cutting and pasting text from the health guides and tracing illustrations to create posters and flyers, Hesperian has made thousands of line drawings available in a searchable online image library and developed a free on- or off-line layout program.

All tools and resources are available through Hesperian’s website: and the iTunes Apple Store:

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